I’ve been coming to Renouf for about 12 months. I train in the mornings. I started coming to Renouf because my father trains at Renouf. We’ve got a good family relationship so I train with him on a Tuesday and a Thursday. On a Wednesday and a Saturday I train with some other guys in the gym and it’s a really good atmosphere. The boys are really good here from Adam, Chris and all the other trainers, Brett who I train with as well. Everyone’s a good influence. I’ve actually trained with a few others like Steve and the rest, it’s been really, really good.

The service is ten out of ten and that’s no lie. We catch up with some of the boys for drinks, we have events together and we hang out. They always give you a lot of confidence, they always push you along. You’ve always got that spot when you need it, it’s really good.

I’ve always been very athletic and used to play a lot of semi-professional soccer when I was younger. I stopped playing soccer and went into the gym. I like the fitness nature of it all and I like to get myself down here. I work pretty hard during the week so for me it’s good to just have that balance and get some endorphins in.

I would say the atmosphere that the guys create is more like a family gym than a gym where you roll up, you do your thing and you leave. These guys create a lot more and I reckon I’ve seen a lot more results. I’d be happily recommending it to anyone to try it. I think it’s good for anyone whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced and if you want more of a reason to train these guys create more of a reason to train.

I think their relationships with their clientele and the way that they interact with different requirements is unparalleled to any other gym. I’ve been to many other gyms and these guys have it down pat so I’d definitely recommend them.

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