Hi, my name is Ayman and I’m 50 years old. Originally I came with a friend of mine just to get fit. I was feeling a bit overweight and I haven’t looked back. I was appointed a trainer who I’ve had now for four years and I’ve stuck with him.
I train three days per week, sometimes four. It’s a commitment to being who you are and being true to yourself. As much as you can say, “I go to a gym and train …”, a gym like Renouf, it’s the guys, it’s the camaraderie, it’s what these guys do that makes it fun and you want to come back here.

It’s not about developing muscles even though you do. I didn’t set out to look like this, I actually wanted to lose weight. But along the way you look good! And so you continue coming.

These guys run many courses on weight management and eating healthy. They’re always asking me, “What did you eat? Did you drink?” So, they really want the best from you, but you’ve got to try yourself. You’ve actually got to put the effort in.
I love it. I think it’s a ten out of ten. But, I’ll say that because I won’t go anywhere else and I’ve got friends who are trainers, but it’s different. These guys are committed. It’s their gym. They want you to succeed. So, I would say, ten out of ten. And I’m not being paid!

You know, if you don’t like coming to a gym, because I wasn’t a gym person … I didn’t like to come here, I didn’t like gyms and seeing what other people would do … but when you come in here you’re actually in your own zone. The trainer is dedicated to you and he’s dedicated to your wellbeing. They’ll write you a program from what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they’ll monitor that. So, give it a go!

I felt apprehensive because I was overweight and everyone looked fit. Everyone was able to lift stronger weights. And because I wasn’t a gym person I thought, “Well, what am I doing here?” However, I persevered and I started to see results. Basically the results were not in body but on the scales. And the definition comes. One day you wake up and go, “Oh my God, there’s a bit of definition there!” So, you actually build on that.
Come down and have a look. The guys offer a free trial. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But, you might take one thing from it and work on that.