My name is Robert and I’m a plumber. I’ve been training at Renouf for over eight years, seven years with CJ and a year before he started. Basically it was a small, compact, more personal gym. I didn’t want to go to one of the more commercial ones and I find it a lot more beneficial.

We come three times per week. I take young Shane with me now, I forced him in to coming with me! We’re usually here from about half past four and train for about an hour and a half. Usually a half hour session with a trainer and the rest of the time we do ourselves. They set us up a program and that’s it.
I work in a seven day industry doing emergency plumbing work and I find its great stress relief. It’s the only time I’ve got to myself between four and six and them I’m at work.

I got electrocuted years ago and basically it was either lay down and die or do something about it and get fit again. I thought it was easier to get fit! It’s fantastic stress relief especially if you’re in a high stress job and that kind of thing. It really gets the endorphins going.

For anyone that is starting out it’s a really good way to do it. You don’t damage yourself. You do it slowly and you do it well. You go to one of the commercial gyms and you try to do it by yourself, most people end up damaging themselves more than anything. Or, not doing it properly, not getting the right technique, that kind of thing.
You’ve got to keep working and you’ve got to keep yourself fit. And when you keep your body fit you get your mind back in the right place too.

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