I enjoy Renouf Personal Fitness because it just gets you out of bed! I actually look forward to coming. Maybe not when I walk out! But, I’ve got a day or two to recover! It’s good.

It’s good to see our personal trainer because he’s very enthusiastic and that gets you going as well. There’s not a lot of mirrors so that’s really good, I don’t like exercising in front of a lot of mirrors. You don’t feel intimidated because there’s all age groups here, from very young girls and men to those a little bit older than me. I didn’t feel intimidated at all.

We chose Renouf Personal Fitness because it was convenient, it was where I lived and we needed it for osteoporosis being our age. We were riding past and saw it and called in. I like it for the motivation. It really pushes you. If I were doing it myself I’d be opting out at five and not ten and twelve!

They have a coffee depot that we have afterwards. I feel that’s a reward after exercising. It’s great. We’re going to renew the membership!

I think it’s like everything and you’ve just got to start slow. Adam gave us a free trial to see how we’d go. Once you come the first time you think, actually it’s not as bad as you thought it was going to be. They’re just so friendly and we’ve made friends as well. Just come and have a look and have a free trial. You’ll really enjoy it.

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