My name is Ruska and I’m 61. My son started at the gym and I saw the huge difference in him. He is a young man with special needs and he absolutely loves the gym, the guys and the attitude.

I was thinking that I really had to do something for me. Initially perhaps to lose the weight, but on my way I learned a lot. It’s not just about losing the weight and numbers going down. It’s basically about numbers going up. More weight, more squats!

I remember the first time when I came here and picked up the three kilo dumbbells. I thought, “How small and cute they are!” And now when Steve gives me 12 kilo dumbbells and I lift them up, I feel like a champ! So, it’s about numbers going up.

I love the energy in the gym, it’s always full of good energy. That’s what I like. It moves me on and keeps me going. Actually, what I like the most is that I’ve learned a lot. I thought I knew everything but they really taught me about food and nutrition. I think the main thing that I learned here is that bodies are not just for looking at, they are for living in and that’s exactly what they are doing here.

What they are doing with me, what I am doing here, I am building a healthy and strong body. I come to the gym four times per week. I have two PT sessions and two group sessions. I like cycling with Robin and boxing with Chris. My PT is with Steve and CJ – I absolutely love them.

Just come and give it a go and follow instructions. Don’t overthink – just follow the instructions and results will come. Because you can lose the weight just having a diet, but if you lose the weight and have a strong and healthy body that’s great! That’s absolutely perfect when you reach that goal that way.

They are such a nice bunch of guys. You don’t need to wear make-up, you don’t have to have any fashionable outfit, just come! Especially group sessions – we are such a nice bunch of people and we have a lot of laughs. You will form friendships. I have a friend – my buddy on the sessions here which I would never have met but our roads crossed here. You will enjoy! Just enjoy, listen and don’t overthink. Just do it!

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