For years I had joined gyms and not gone. Probably because I didn’t know how to use any of the equipment. I felt silly because I wasn’t experienced. I came here because somebody had mentioned to me about the personal training studio and that I should do it that way. So I did. I thought, “I’ll give it a go. There will be somebody with me all the time, showing me what to do.” I felt comfortable from the first day that I walked in. Really comfortable.

I walk in every morning and every trainer says hello to me. It’s a very comfortable environment. I would have spent a lot of money over the years, paying for memberships and never ever going. But here, I never miss a session. I’m so comfortable here with these guys.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, what sex you are, they are so helpful. I’ve trained with two or three of the trainers now and I do a couple of group classes and it doesn’t matter who I’m training with, they know what’s going on with you. I think there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, so in case one of the trainers is away or unavailable, somebody else can step in and pick up your training.

It goes a bit further than just the actual training because it goes into the nutrition side of things as well. So, my trainer Keith who I’m training with at the moment, he’s all about nutrition. They say 80% of it is what you eat and 20% of it is the training. In conjunction with both, I’ve gone from 28% body fat initially when I started two years ago, I’m down to 15! I do it more now for enjoyment to be honest.

I do two personal training sessions per week and they’re 30 minutes and I do maybe two or three classes per week. I’m a morning person, I like to do them in the mornings. It’s great, it’s really good. If you do for some reason miss a particular session or you can’t make a session they’ll always try to squeeze you in at another time that’s more suitable for you.

I have my standard slot times where I come, but if I can’t do one particular time then they’ll slot me in somewhere else. Their service is second to none I must admit and the personal trainers tend to stay here as well. They’re long term trainers. There’s not different trainers coming in every other day, it’s the same ones. We’re like a family here! It really is.

I never thought being 40 would I be so involved with my fitness and my exercise. I’ve got to put it down to these guys, really to be honest, very much so.

The biggest thing first and foremost, it’s a comfortable environment. There are no pretentious people here – no people that stand in front of the mirror showing their big muscles that you might find in some of these bigger types of gyms. Most people that come here would be initially new to training so you learn the proper technique because you know you can do injury when you’re not lifting weights the proper way.

Somebody will start with you at the beginning and go through your diet, what you eat. It starts from there, then they’ll set a pattern for you. They’re with you the whole step of the way. It’s not that they just give you a program and send you on your way. I like it.

I fly the flag very high for Renouf Personal Fitness because everybody is so friendly. Even the clients that come here. We have our annual Christmas party every year, we do a detox program here twice a year, and it just gets everybody social with one another as well. It’s very, very good now. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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