Debbie and I did personal training a couple of years ago. We’ve had two personal trainers. We were bike riding and walking and we just felt that we needed some strength training. We were riding past one day and we saw this. We thought, “Oh, let’s go and check it out!” So Debbie came in and asked all the questions. We rode off and decided we’d give it a go.

We had a couple of free sessions to see how it was and then we decided that we’d sign up for three months. We did and we loved it so we signed up for another three months just a while ago.

Some mornings it’s hard but when you’re doing it with somebody else as well, that also helps the motivation because you think, “If I don’t go they’re going to do it on their own.” And we have a buddy system that we do it – the two of us. If one of us doesn’t come the other pays. So, you’re also letting the other person down that way as well. But, we do that, because you go on holidays and all that sort of thing.

Once you’re here and starting and doing it … Robyn our trainer calls us his angels. That’s a big joke and you know, it just feels better. Even though we drag ourselves in and drag ourselves out sometimes. You feel better afterwards.
We’re supervised, it’s fun, everyone’s friendly. We have a laugh. We’ve made some friends here. And everybody feels the same, everybody has got out of bed and come along so it’s nice to give each other a pat on the back.

I actually gave my husband 10 personal training sessions for Christmas. He’s quite a fit person but he needed some motivation as well. He did his 10 sessions and he grumbled and groaned and carried on but he still enjoyed them I think! Then he signed up for three months just to come on his own, not with a personal trainer but to come on his own. Also, Debbie’s daughter is thinking about coming a long and we’d tell anybody to come along and give it a try.

It’s open too, the breeze is coming in, there’s music and you can see outside. It’s not like you’re in this room and its stuffy and you can smell everybody else’s sweat. It’s nice and fresh and there’s coffee! And there’s food! That’s always a bonus. Just give it a try. If you don’t like it you don’t have to come back. But they’re open to giving people one free session, two free sessions to try it. Or come along to one of their group sessions on the weekend and they’ll kill you! It’s worth a try.

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