I’m Todd and I’m 32. I’ve been coming to Renouf Personal Fitness for about 14 years now. I started when I was 18. I did a bit of travelling but I’ve always ended up coming back to Renouf.

Originally I came to try it out and then I met Adam. I really got along with Adam and Chris and the whole team. Then I felt that I was getting better results, quicker results and I just like the people here. It made coming to gym a lot more fun than going by myself.

I would definitely have to give it a ten! That’s why I’ve been coming for so long. They’re great people, they know all their stuff and they keep me motivated. That’s why I keep coming back. The main reason I come and do the personal training would be the motivation side of things. They keep me motivated and they keep me accountable as well. When I stop coming they’re always calling me making sure I’m keeping to that twice a week.

If I went to a commercial gym – I tried going to gyms and I just never ended up going. And then when I actually did go I wouldn’t train as hard. At Renouf Personal Fitness they push you that extra level. When you sign up at a commercial gym you don’t get the same result. You’re not really motivated, you don’t end up going and then when you do go you end up wasting time.

When you’re here, you’re only here for half an hour but they really make the most of that half an hour because they’ll push you for a full half an hour. You get more in half an hour than you probably would maybe get in an hour and a half on your own. So you’re not wasting as much time as well.

You’ve just got to try it and then you’ll see for yourself that the team’s really great. Everyone here is really nice. The food’s now really good as well so you’ve got everything here that you need.
I think the main thing that puts people off is maybe that it costs that little bit extra than going to a normal gym. But the way I always like to look at it is that you’re investing money into your own health which later on in the years, you benefit from.

Yeah, it might cost that little bit more but its money that you’re investing in your health. A lot of people invest their money in all types of things and forget about their own body. I think if I do it regularly then later on as I get older, I won’t have all these issues. And by training I don’t get sick much and I always feel healthier. I always look at it, that yes it costs more but people waste a lot of money on other things and I’m investing in my health.

Just sign up. They’ll keep you accountable. Just try if for yourself and see how you go.

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