Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m 30 years old. I’ve been coming to Renouf Personal Fitness for nine months. I like the location as it’s just around the corner from home but also that it’s a small boutique gym and it’s not intimidating.
Chris is really accommodating. I came in and he spoke to me about the gym, what I was going to do and my nutrition. I’m doing PT twice per week and some group training.

This is the only gym I’ve consistently come to and I’ve actually used my membership. I find some other gyms intimidating and they’re too big. I don’t mind it when they are too big but I just prefer more of a boutique, smaller environment.
I’d give their service a ten out of ten especially with the café here now! It has everything you need. I find they’re really accommodating and flexible. I have businesses of my own so my days change on the spot. I find that as long as I can flick a text then it seems to be okay. They’re open late, open early and on the weekends as well.

I think you have to come down and check it out. I like the idea that they do focus on personal training. Maybe that’s why I didn’t go to the gym so much before, because it was left up to yourself. I do need that motivation and drive and I think most people do. They focus on that as well as group training and their group training is smaller as well, there may be only 10 – 20 people. So, you’ve got space and they can focus on you individually.
It’s super friendly. You walk in and literally everyone says hello. Everyone’s nice and the clients that do come, everyone seems quite friendly and it’s just a good atmosphere.

I’m not the best client as far as motivating myself, I’ve never stuck to something as long as this. I know it’s only been nine months but I see myself sticking to it for a very long time.

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